Control4 CA-1 system controller

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Control4 CA-1 system controller

The new Control4 EA1 is the smallest in the new range of new processors. This processor would be used as the heart of a single room system or as a local control device to take charge of a local TV or cinema room.  It is small enough to fit behind your TV and has ability to control a number of devices with infrared(IR), Serial (RS-232) and IP control for devices like Apple TV, Amazon Fire, smart televisions, AV receivers and other network connected devices. It also has built-in a secure wireless ZigBee control for lights, thermostats, smart locks, and more.

The EA-1 is also available as a package price with the SR-260 remote which operates on standard batteries. The optional rechargeable base and battery pack is option.  

The EA-1 also connects to your TV using HDMI and provides the Control4 user interface on the screen of your TV allowing for CCTV cameras to be viewed on the screen too.

For entertainment, the EA-1 also includes a built-in music server that allows you to listen to your own music library, stream from a variety of leading music services or from your AirPlay-enabled devices using Control4 ShairBridge technology.

This device is part of a package of components making up a complete control system solution and requires Grahams to program and configure the hardware for your individual installation. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements. 


Click here to download the full specification sheet.