Signature - Analogue XLR Interconnect

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Signature - Analogue XLR Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £1,000.00
2M - £1,675.00
3M - £2,350.00

  • Tuned ARAY Conductors
  • High Density Silver Plated Braid
  • High Degree of Accuracy

The Signature cable were the first to use high frequency effective shielding and with this design it successfully drove the development of the high performance cable. What makes the Signature interconnect range special and a award winning cable is the extraordinary amount of detail and coherence the Tuned ARAY conductors bring.

The signature XLR use identical conductors for signal and return and is a very easy way of improving the performance of an audio cable. What happen very often with XLR cables is that the two signal wires end up being used to carry the hot in phase and the cold out of phase signals. plus it also has the earth/return connection is made with the shield. however, what the signature XLR does is it takes out the shield and adds another identical wire to carry the earth/return which in-turns reduces the unwanted interference.