Signature Tuned ARAY - Digital Streaming Interconnect

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Chord Company Signature Super ARAY - Digital Streaming Interconnect - Grahams Hi-Fi


Signature Tuned ARAY - Digital Streaming Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £750.00
2M - £850.00
3M - £950.00

  • High Performance Audio Streamers
  • Super ARAY Technology 
  • High Level of Performance

The Super Conductor is a new and ground breaking construction technique that brings a new level of detail and coherence. The Super Streaming cable is fitted with high performance and high precision Ethernet plugs.Which in-turn produces extremely neutral and transparent interconnects and the performance of all cables will improve with use. the streaming cable means that when first connected you will immediately experience dramatically better levels of detail and imaging. Plus with further use, you will get better musical transparency. 

The problem with a lot of audio streaming is that often the length and the number of Ethernet cables involved in the process affects the sound of the music. Plus, re-siting NAS drives isn't always possible and Ethernet over mains is somethings being used so there is more interference. Now with the development of the turned and super ARAY conductors it aims to minimise high frequency noise which eliminates the problem of long runs being used or worsening of sound that happens. In addition, if you are using Ethernet over mains it means that there will be high frequency interference that will effect your whole audio system. But by adding the super ARAY steamer it often produces a profound improvement and increases the clarity making it a much better listening experience.