SignatureXL - Speaker Cable

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Chord Company SignatureXL - Speaker Cable - Grahams Hi-Fi


SignatureXL - Speaker Cable

This product is available in the following variations:

Single Mono Metre - £300.00
1M Pair - £600.00
2M Pair - £1,200.00
3M Pair - £1,800.00
5M pair - £3,000.00
10M pair - £6,000.00

  • High Quality Silver Plated Conductors
  • Tuned ARAY Design
  • Improved Design

The Signature was the first shielded speaker cable that chord produced and it's been part of there speaker cable line up for over 10 years. The major change to the cable is the improved shielding and the changes to the spacing between the conductors.With the changes to the speaker cable it brought all the improvements that chord was hoping for and more.  

The great thing about the signature reference speaker cable is that it will let you hear just how good your favourite band is and how much emotion your favourite singer can create.