Shawline - Analogue XLR Interconnect

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Shawline - Analogue XLR Interconnect


Shawline - Analogue XLR Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £250.00
2M - £350.00
3M - £450.00
4M - £550.00
5M - £650.00

  • True Balanced Conductor
  • High Degree of Coherence
  • Silver-Plated Conductors with PTFE

The Cord Shawline Analogue interconnect is a ground breaking cable in it's price range, it has many features that the Sarum Tuned ARAY has such as the dynamics, timbre, rhythm and the detail. 

For Turned ARAY cables to work, every aspect needs to be millimetre perfect and by using these designs in the Shawline interconnects allows it to be a great cable with surprisingly inexperience component.  The Shawline analogue cable adds another conductor run to produce a more perfected XLR cable. that means that there are three identical conductors for all three connections.