ShawlineX - Speaker Cable

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ShawlineX - Speaker Cable

This product is available in the following variations:

1M Pair - £60.00
2M Pair - £120.00
3M Pair - £180.00
4M Pair - £240.00
5M Pair - £300.00
6M Pair - £360.00
7M Pair - £420.00
8M Pair - £480.00
9M Pair - £540.00
10M Pair - £600.00
1 Mono Metre - £30.00

  • Dynamic Performance
  • High-Frequency Effective
  • Well Suited for High-quality Speakers

Chord ShawlineX speaker cable has a level of musical involvement and dynamic the use of high-frequency effective shielding. With there use of high-density braid and foil combination as part of its design along with silver PTFE insulated conductors it gives you a taste of high-end performance. 

The Shawline speaker cable is a speaker cable that is extremely neutral, capable of carrying high levels of detail and dynamic information. This will carry music in an extremely coherent manner which means that your music will sound more like it should and allows you to get further involved with your music.