ELEX-R Integrated Amplifier

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ELEX-R Integrated Amplifier

  • Rega custom full width case with improved heat dissipation
  • Passive volume control pre-amp
  • 72 watts per channel into 8ohms
  • High specification integrated phono stage
  • Pre-amp out / Record out / 4 line inputs
  • New custom transformer

The ELEX-R is a perfect blend of the Brio-R design with the power circuits and the advanced phono stage of the Rega Elicit-R, providing a perfect balance of power, control and dynamics, delivering a performance that always puts the music first. It is a highly versatile amplifier that will work with a wide variety of loudspeakers thanks to it's power output and natural sound. 

The Elex-R is built into the full width Rega case with increased heat dissipation, which along with a larger transformer enables the Elex-R to deliver 90 Watts per channel into 6Ω and 72.5 Watts per channel into 8Ω. It includes useful features like pre-amplifier output, to enable the new Elex-R amplifier to be used in a wide combination of systems and Rega have avoided superfluous gadgets such as tone controls or a headphone socket as they can obstruct the signal path and degrade the produced sound quality.

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Technical Specifications: 

Output power

  • 72.5W 8Ω both channels driven - Design centre rating    
  • 90W 6Ω both channels driven - Rega speaker impedance rating
  • 113W 4Ω both channels driven

Phono input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω1.7mV (Load 47K in parallel with 220pF)
  • Maximum input level: 100mV

Line input

  • Sensitivity (72.5W 8Ω 164mv (Load 30-50K)
  • Maximum input level: 10v

Tape output

  • Level: 164mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 470

Line output

  • Level: 625mV with rated input
  • Output impedance: 600


  • Power Supply Voltage: 230v & 115v
  • Frequency: 60/60Hz
  • Power Consumption: 250 Watts
  • 230v Fuse: T3.15AL 20mm
  • 115v Fuse: T5AL 20mm
  • Dimensions W 430mm x D 320mm x H 80mm