G65 Surround Sound Controller

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G65 Surround Sound Controller

20 years ago, in 1994, Meridian released the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, the 565. That same year Meridian entered the emerging home theatre market with another first, the Meridian Digital Theatre. This concept was based on the company’s new range of digital loudspeakers and the 565. The Digital Theatre and the 565 won more than ten awards in the first twelve months of production.

G65 continues this legacy with high performance, connectivity, and ease of use. When partnered with the HD621, the G65 features a comprehensive input capability to accommodate the widest range of audio and video sources. Now equipped with SpeakerLink and balanced analogue outputs, G65 is equally at home in Meridian Digital Theatres and with analogue loudspeaker-based systems.

G65, named in honour of 565, is now the definitive surround controller second only to the flagship 861, but deriving many of its capabilities and performance from its big brother. A worthy successor to the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, the 565.

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Technical Specifications: 

Audio inputs

  • 1 MMHR 6-channel input.
  • 2 stereo SpeakerLink inputs.
  • 6 coax digital inputs; D2/D4/D6 can be used as a
  • 6-channel coax input.
  • 2 optical digital inputs.
  • 8 stereo unbalanced inputs; A1-A3 and A4-A6 can
  • be used as two 6-channel unbalanced inputs.

Audio outputs

  • 8 Meridian SpeakerLink digital outputs: L+R, C+SUB, SIDE L+R, REAR L+R.
  • 8 balanced analogue outputs: Main L/R, Rear L/R, Centre/Sub, Side L/R.

Control signals

  • 1 12VDC/100mA trigger output configurable by source.
  • 2 Meridian Comms 5-pin 240º DIN sockets.
  • USB and RS232 interfaces for maintenance. 


  • 5 Freescale 56367s running at 150MHz to give a total of approximately 750MIPS. 48-bit arithmetic throughout.
  • Up to 192kHz, 24-bit Sigma-Delta conversion on all analogue inputs and outputs.
  • Formats include Dolby Digital, DTS, MPEG Surround, and AAC.
  • DSP modes: Direct, Music, Trifield, Ambisonics,Super, Stereo, MusicLogic, Mono, TV Logic, PLIIx Music, PLIIx Movie, PLIIx THX, Discrete, Cinema,PLIIx Mov6, PLIIx Mus6, THX, THX Surround EX,THX Ultra2 Cinema, THX Music.