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DSW DSP Subwoofer

Echoing the iconic shape of Meridian DSP Loudspeakers, The DSW is designed to provide deep bass in rooms where a compact loudspeaker is visually needed. Featuring a downward firing woofer, this design tapers at the top reducing the visual impact on its surroundings. All of the connecting cables, SpeakerLink and Power, attach discretely at the bottom of the cabinet, allowing for discrete installations.

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Technical Specifications: 

• Meridian SpeakerLink in and out (RJ45)

• Channel selector switch for channel(s) 1, 1+2 or 2

• Plywood cabinet with extensive internal structures for maximum strength & rigidity

• 1 x 12in long-throw bass driver, facing downwards

• Closed-loop Class D Power amplifier rated at 600W peak.
• Overall distortion typically <0.02%

Power consumption:
• 550W max

• Rear-mounted LED

• Height on standard feet (recommended for
use on a carpeted floor): 445mm (17.52in);
height on standard feet plus rubber shock
absorber (recommended for use on a hard
floor surface): 450mm (17.72in)
• Width at base: 380mm (15in)
• Depth at base: 430mm (17in)

• 22kg (48.4lb)