Adikt Stylus

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Linn Adikt Stylus - Grahams Hi-Fi


Adikt Stylus

  • Gyger II replacement stylus for Linn Adikt Cartridge
  • Moving magnet (MM)

The Linn Adikt is an efficient and affordable cartridge that will exceed your expectation of what can be achieved from a moving magnet design. It retrieves an incredible level of musical detail from a record and this makes it an ideal starting point for any quality vinyl playback system and its performance is more than a match for many moving coil (MC) designs.

The Adikt cartridge features a rigid body and Gyger II replaceable stylus, both of which help to achieve a finely detailed and dynamic sound. It is easily mounted on a wide range of tonearms, including the Linn Akito. The Adikt is fitted as standard to the Linn Majik LP12.

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