Epic - Analogue RCA Interconnect

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Epic - Analogue RCA Interconnect


Epic - Analogue RCA Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

0.5M - £360.00
1M - £400.00
2M - £560.00
3M - £720.00
4M - £880.00
5M - £1,040.00

  • Tuned ARAY Conductor
  • High Degree of Coherence and Detail
  • Oxygen Free Copper

The Epic cable is a unique Tuned ARAY conductor technology with the key difference that it is heavier and has performance critical spacing. this improves the ability of the cable to carry dynamic information particularly micro-dynamics which are vital to the rhythm and the drive of music. in addition, with the improved shielding and conductors it produces a cable that can carry immense amounts of details.

The Epic RCA reduces mechanical noise and with the high density braid it makes the cable effective with high frequencies. With the new Tuned ARAY design the interconnect cable is a heavier silver plated conductor and improves the ability of the cable to carry dynamic information. In addition, it is extremely accurate and it retains all the musical integrity. The advantage of the epic range is that each cable follow a similar design therefore, the wires are compatible with each other so you get consistent good quality sound.