Epic - Digital Streaming Interconnect

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Epic - Digital Streaming Interconnect


Epic - Digital Streaming Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £450.00
2M - £500.00
3M - £550.00
4M - £600.00
5M - £650.00

  • Tuned ARAY Design
  • Silver Plated Conductors
  • Oxygen Free Copper

The Epic digital Streaming cable uses a multiple twisted pair conductor and is developed specifically for high frequency digital signals. This cable was made for high performance audio streaming components. Plus the conductors are insulated with a unique hard skin PE dielectric with is designed for high speed signal transfer.  

With the ability of current streamers, it is only logical to explore such high resolution music files with a download, which is only a mouse-click away and a hard drive to hold it . The Streaming of music is an alternative source of music which can run side by side with other media formats like CD players.