Clearway - Analogue DIN

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Clearway - Analogue DIN


Clearway - Analogue DIN

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £125.00
2M - £165.00
3M - £205.00
4M - £245.00
5M - £285.00

  • Unique ARAY Technology
  • Oxygen Free Copper Signal
  • High Musical Coherence

With the ARAY conductor geometry the  Chord company can produce cables that carry high levels of detail and dynamic information. The most important thing that the ARAY conductor cable does, is that the signals carry real musical coherence. The gains in coherence and detail are really worthwhile experiencing because it can give you a blockbuster sound. In addition, because the Chord clearway series uses the same technique to there digital and analogue cables there is great consistency. 

The advantage of the clearway line is that over the years there have been more affordable turn tables and digital players that deliver music with real coherence. With the jump in performance  over the past few years they need a new generation of cables and that is what you get from the clearway line.