Clearway - Digital Mini-Jack

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Clearway - Digital Mini-Jack

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £100.00
2M - £140.00
3M - £180.00
4M - £220.00
5M - £260.00

  • Unique ARAY Technology
  • Oxygen Free Copper Signal
  • Low Signal Loss and High Performance

The clearway digital is an all new Tuned ARAY digital audio cable at an affordable price. This design is available in a wide range of terminations which includes a 3.5mm mono jack for today's high performance portable devices. 

The Tuned ARAY technology was originally developed to reduce unwanted reflections within digital cable, the result is that we got an incredible cable.. With it's high performance anybody who is looking for a digital cable needs to try this.   

Most digital cables are fundamentally 75 Ohm coaxial design. However, the Tuned ARAY is different it is a unique conductor configuration which makes it a very special cable to listen to.