XT400 Speaker Cable

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XT400 Speaker Cable - Grahams Hi-Fi


XT400 Speaker Cable

This design delivers a massive cross-sectional area using X-TubeTMtechnology to eliminate the skin effect whilst maintaining a user friendly “figure of 8” geometry. This is QED’s ultimate affordable upgrade for high end systems

This price is the per metre rate, please contact us for more information. We offer an in house speaker cable termination service, you can find information on termination here.

Technical Specifications: 

Wire gauge - 12 AWG
Jacket OD - 6.00mm
Cross-sectional area - 4.00mm²
Loop resistance - 0.008 Ω/m
Capacitance - 43pF/m
Inductance - 0.50 µH/m
Dissipation factor - 0.0400
Recommended for all high end installations