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Sonos Sonos Playbase - Grahams Hi-Fi
Sonos Sonos Playbase - Grahams Hi-Fi
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Sonos Sonos Playbase - Grahams Hi-Fi
Sonos Sonos Playbase - Grahams Hi-Fi


Sonos Playbase

This product is available in the following variations:

Black - £699.00
White - £699.00

  • Two-in-one Full Cinema sound for you TV and Music
  • Low Profile Design that blends in Perfectly
  • Supports TVs up to 35 Kg
  • Simple Two Cord Setup

Everything sounds better on PLAYBASE. Whether you are watching a movie, a TV show or Gaming the slim low profile PLAYBASE adds dynamic pulse pounding sound. Typical soundbars work best when wall-mounted directly below a TV. However most TVs end up on stands or furniture which is exactly what PLAYBASE was created for. With the low profile design the PLAYBASE almost vanishes beneath your TV, yet fills your room with epic sound. 

With the Trueplay you can analyse the room size and layout to adjust the speakers to get the best sound. Trueplay uses the Sonos app and the microphone on your iPhone to measure how the sound reflects however, android phones don't work because they don't have enough variance in the microphones. What the app does is it make some precise acoustic adjustments to your speaker so that you can always get the purest sound. 

The PLAYBASE packs in ten drivers six mid ranges, three tweeters and one woofer that provides a pseudo-3D sound experience. Which will surprise you when you first hear it .   

Technical Specification

Ten Amplified Speaker Drivers Six mid-range, Three Tweeters and One Woofer
Optical Input To Connest to your TV To PLAYBASE and To Work With Dolby Digital and Stereo
Auto play Setting Lets you choose whether whether or not TV audio will begin playback automatically
Power Supply Auto-Switching 100v-240v 50-60 Hz AC Universal Input
Ethernet Port A Single Ethernet port can Connect PLAYBASE to a wired home network
Height 58mm
Width 720mm
Depth 380mm
Weight 8.6 Kg