Sarum - Super RCA Pair

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Sarum - Super RCA Pair


Sarum - Super RCA Pair

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £1,900.00
2M - £2,750.00
3M - £3,600.00

  • Award Winning Cable
  • Super ARAY Technology
  • High Performance Audio Cable

The Sarum super ARAY RCA cable takes all that made the previous Tuned ARAY design special and seemingly removes yet another layer of noise, revealing a startling new level of musical detail. However, all the detail means nothing if it's not delivered coherently and this is where the Sarum Super ARAY really makes it's mark. It delivers coherence and that makes all the extra detail no just easy to hear but also, easy to listen to. In addition, it adds dramatically to the sense of performance and the natural sound that makes listening to music a pleasure for hours.

The Ultimate Performance of any audio cable is always the sum of the parts and  this is where the new PTFE plugs comes in. The super ARAY uses the same conductors and cables as the previous Tuned ARAY the major change is the improved Super ARAY and the PTFE plugs.