Ania MC Cartridge

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Ania MC Cartridge
Ania MC Cartridge
Ania MC Cartridge
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Ania MC Cartridge
Ania MC Cartridge
Ania MC Cartridge


Ania MC Cartridge

  • New Moving Coil (MC) cartridge from Rega
  • Iron cross & micro coil assembly
  • One of the world's smallest MC generators.
  • Cutting edge neodymium magnet.
  • Elliptical profile stylus
  • Constructed from high specification 0.018mm fine wire

When Rega decided to produce a Moving Coil cartridge at half the cost of the Apheta 2, the special aluminium body could not be used, it was simply too expensive. The solution lay in an unusual polymer/glass combination called Polyphenylene Sulphide (PPS-Fortron). With 40% glass, this material could be moulded and would solve the cost problem. The special attributes of this material are its hardness and stability in shape and dimension post moulding, both critical for the performance of Ania. 

The challenge for Rega was to design a production mould tool. PPS is a difficult polymer to mould and the complex shape of the Ania body is almost unmouldable. To achieve the intricate body shape required the most complex high pressure injection mould tool that Rega has ever designed. The tool has eight major parts and took an entire year to produce.

Combine this special PPS body with its high specification stainless steel inserts, a unique rhomboid pivot system, a tried and tested diamond tipped elliptical stylus cantilever with low mass moving coil generator assembly and you have new market leading musicality, performance, speed, clarity, and detail as never before at this price.

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Tracking Pressure 1.75 - 2.00g
Input load impedance 100 ohms
Output impedance 10 ohms
Nominal output voltage 350μV
Channel Balance : ≥ 20μV
Separation : ≥ -29dB
Mass 6g