Headphones by OPPO



  • Open backed, planar magnetic headphones
  • Matched drive units for consistent soundstage
  • Luxury lambskin leather or velour padding
  • Reduced weight for exceptional comfort
  • Polished cherry wood case

The Oppo PM-1 combines advanced headphone technology for unique musicality with a premium luxury design, resulting in a listening experience that is capable of communicating every nuance of your favourite music.

The PM-1 is characterised by its natural, dynamic, and engaging sound quality with an emphasis on comfort and reduced weight. Utilising a planar magnetic driver, PM-1 features a transparent, highly dynamic sound that exhibits well-balanced tonal qualities. The diaphragm is driven in a symmetric pull-push manner evenly that has been optimised for maximum sensitivity and consistency.

It also comes with a removable 2.5mm jack cable and a larger one which is 6.3mm.

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Technical Specifications: 

Acoustic Principle Open back
Ear Coupling Circumaural
Nominal Impedance 32 Ohm
Sensitivity 102 dB in 1 mW
Clamping Pressure 5 N
Cables 3 m detachable OCC cable (6.35 mm)
1 m detachable OFC cable (3.5 mm)
Cable Connectors Output: 2.5 mm mono mini jacks
Input: 6.35 mm stereo jack, 3.5 mm stereo jack
Weight 395 g (without cable)
Included Accessories Wooden Box
Carrying Case
6.35 mm and 3.5 mm cables
Original set of lambskin leather ear pads
Alternative set of lambskin leather ear pads
Set of velour ear pads
User Manual
Driver Specifications
Driver Type Planar Magnetic
Driver Size (Oval) 85 x 69 mm
Magnet System Symmetric push-pull neodymium
Frequency Response
In Free-Field
10 - 50,000 Hz
Max Input Power
500 mW according to IEC 60268-7
Pulse Max Input Power 2 W