NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier

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NAIM NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier - Grahams Hi-Fi
NAIM NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier - Grahams Hi-Fi
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NAIM NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier - Grahams Hi-Fi
NAIM NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier - Grahams Hi-Fi


NAC 552 Pre-Amplifier

Like every component in Naim's 500 Series range, the NAC 552 has been developed without compromise or constraint. Its two-box design, which houses the power supply components in a separate enclosure to better control electromagnetic interference, is classically Naim Audio. By contrast, the power supply itself employs radically new thinking, including a new split-rail configuration that almost entirely eliminates power supply noise in the signal earth.

The sound critical electronics of the NAC 552 are mounted on a brass sub-chassis which is fully suspended on coil springs at a frequency below the threshold of human hearing. This method of suspension maximises isolation, hence minimizing the effect of vibration on the highly sensitive electronic components. Carefully selected precision rotary potentiometers with precious metal wipers are used to preserve music integrity and ensure long-term stability.

Six inputs on the NAC 552 can be selected directly from either the front panel or the remote control. In addition to the usual DIN inputs, preferred for their superior earthing and impedance matching, the NAC 552 owner can configure two of the inputs for use with the more common RCA phono type connectors, enabling the use of alternative components with pre-owned interconnects.

Naim NAC 552 DR Details:

Analogue Inputs:  7 x DIN, 2 x RCA, Two inputs configurable for unity gain
Audio Outputs: 1 x variable, 3 x fixed (DIN)
Power Outputs: Naim phono amplifier
Remote Control: NARCOM-4 Remote Control (Infra Red RC5) & remote input
Front Panel:   Volume control, balance control, sixteen button matrix
Power Supply Options: 552 PS (supplied)
Dimensions (HxWxD): 87 x 432 x 314 mm
Weight: 12.9 kg
Supplied with: 552 PS, Power-Line, R-Com and Burndy
Finish: Brushed and black anodised