DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

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DSP8000.2 Digital Active Loudspeakers

Every aspect of Meridian's DSP8000.2 design is in the service of reproducing music. The unique construction of a separate head provides convincingly natural voice reproduction, while the discrete bass cabinet provides effortless deep bass. Its cabinet material, “Meridium,” was carefully chosen to have no influence on its reproduced sound. Even its beautiful lacquer finish enhances its performance. The DSP8000.2, like a fine musical instrument, is designed for a lifetime of enjoyment.

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Technical Specifications:

Description: Remote-controlled, powered, three-and-a-half-way, floorstanding, sealed-box loudspeaker with two Meridian Comms ports (5-pin DIN), 9-pin D connector for RS-232 PC setup and control (null modem, 9600 baud, 2N1, no handshake), two digital (S/PDIF) inputs, and one digital (S/PDIF) output mirroring selected input. As supplied, handles input sample rates of up to 96kHz; FIFO buffer locks at 44.1, 48, 88.2, or 96kHz, ±150ppm (LPCM or MHR encoding); 176.4kHz or 192kHz supported with special firmware and cabling. Drive-units: 1" (25.4mm) composite-dome tweeter, 6" (160mm) plastic-cone midrange unit, six 8" (200mm) plastic-cone woofers. Crossover frequencies: 200Hz, 2.6kHz, linear-phase filters, ±30 degrees realized in DSP running on two 100MHz Motorola ICs. Power amplifiers: complementary bipolar design with output-stage error correction and low feedback; three by 150W RMS (bass); 100W RMS (midrange); 100W RMS (tweeter). Frequency response: 25Hz-35kHz, ±1.5dB in-room. Distortion: typically <0.01%, or <0.02% up to full power at all frequencies. Noise and hum: <-94dB at all volume settings. Acoustic noise: <15dB SPL at 1m. Maximum acoustic output: typically >115dB SPL at 1m. Power consumption: 20VA idle, 900VA max.

Dimensions: 51.2" (1300mm) H by 15.7" (400mm) W by 20.8" (528mm) D. Weight: 231 lbs (105kg) each.

Finishes: piano-black lacquer; other colors available by special order.