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Akudorik Exakt System

Providing a musicality and distortion-free performance that's off the scale, this is a stand-mounted speaker like no other. The Akurate Exakt System comprises a Linn Akurate Exakt DSM and Linn Akudorik Exakt loudspeakers.

The elegantly curved, rigid cabinet houses a high quality bass driver and Linn 3K Driver Array, providing the musical accuracy you'd expect from Linn. However it's how each drive unit is fed a near perfect signal that sets this speaker apart. The cabinet features Linn's latest cabinet technology first introduced on the Akubarik - a complex lamination of MDF and birchwood.

The innovative stand houses the Exakt digital crossover, volume control, Linn DACs and power amplification, with a dedicated channel for each of the four drive units. The Exakt Link cable connects at the bottom of the stand alongside a power cable which in turn runs to the suspension mounted electronics module, cleverly housed in the stand. Like the Akudorik’s bigger brother, the Akubarik, the module is passively cooled, so no need for any noisy fans and powered by a Linn Dynamik power supply. The Exakt processed signals are sent through 4 x 100W Chakra amplifiers before being passed through the top of the stand and the bottom of the loudspeaker so you won't see any messy wiring despite the complexity of the electronics.

Up to thirteen sources can be connected to the system via the Akurate Exakt DSM with inputs including HDMI, Toslink, S/PDIF, XLR and RCA phono available, and as with all Linn DSM players, any source will enjoy improved performance. Even vinyl sounds better – there’s no better way to preserve the signal from an LP12 than Exakt. New ADC technology converts the delicate analogue signal digitally and sends it losslessly to the speaker.

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