Epic - Twin Speaker Cable

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Epic - Twin Speaker Cable


Epic - Twin Speaker Cable

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £100.00
2M - £150.00
3M - £300.00
4M - £400.00
5M - £500.00
6M - £600.00
7M - £700.00
8M - £800.00
9M - £900.00
10M - £1,000.00

  • AWG Silver Plated Conductors
  • Award Winning shielded Speaker Cable
  •  Oxygen Free Copper 

The Twin speaker cable had aspects of the Chord Company's award winning cables. The conductors from the chord odyssey and the shielding from the signature range. One of the great things about the Twin cable is that there is a reduction of noise which means that the dynamic and tonal information is easily heard. with the detailed sound you get high frequency performance but it also improves the bass and mid ranges. The speaker cable works with practically any system with better resolution than the Chord Odyssey. 

Epic can bring some serious improvements to the sound quality of your system and is a big step towards making a real connection with your music.