Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC

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Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC
Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC
Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC
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Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC
Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC
Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC


Evolution 50CD CD Player & DAC

  • Slot loading CD player
  • High Resolution 24bit 192kHz DAC
  • 5 digital inputs including USB
  • Digital Volume Control

The Creek Evolution 50CD is not just a CD Player. It is a high-resolution DAC (digital to analogue converter) with built-in CD player! It is equipped a total of seven digital sources, including a USB input for a PC or MAC. If you wish to listen to high-resolution music from a computer, blu-ray player, satellite receiver or TV, and play CDs at the highest quality, the Creek Evolution 50CD is the product for you. Its flexible, digital pre-amplifier switches between any of these sources and can remotely control the output volume in the digital domain if required.

The 2016 Evolution 50CD has USB 2 to fully realise the potential of streaming hi-resolution 24bit 192kHz music files. The USB input works with various computer platforms but requires a custom ASIO driver to enable it to work with PCs. The ASIO and USB 2 driver can both be downloaded from this webpage.

The output is available via balanced or un-balanced sockets for maximum flexibility. 

To maintain top performance, the custom CDM-1 slot-drive CD transport is clocked by a separate, extremely accurate ultra-low jitter, master-clock, situated right next to the DAC for bit-perfect performance.

The Evolution 50CD uses a powerful toroidal mains transformer with three separate windings, to power its analogue and digital circuitry, and custom CD transport. Multiple low-impedance power supply capacitors and voltage regulators are employed.

Inside are two Wolfson stereo DACs to improve the cancellation of distortion and noise. A multiple frequency, low-jitter, clock optimises the performance of the DAC at all sample rates.  A completely independent clock maintains bit-perfect performance for Compact Discs.

Cosmetically the Evolution 50CD is similar to the Evolution 50A and Evolution 100A integrated amplifiers; its slim case and luxurious front panel is finished in either black or silver brushed aluminium. Also, like the matching amp, each button is backlit to clearly identify usable functions. All new Creek Evolution series products feature a OLED display. Display and button brightness levels can be adjusted or turned-off, via the remote handset.

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Technical Specifications:


2 x SPDIF, 24 Bit 192 kHz, transformer isolated
2 x Toslink, 24 Bit 192 kHz, optically isolated
1 x USB, 24 Bit 96 kHz, galvanically isolated
No additional software drivers are needed.
CD TRANSPORT Custom designed, ICE quality, CD slot-loader, externally clocked for bit perfect performance
SNR > 110dBA unbalanced
DIGITAL OUTPUT 1 x SPDIF and 1 x Toslink optical output, pass-on all input signals
DIGITAL FILTERS Optional digital filters are selectable via the remote
ANALOGUE OUTPUT 2 x RCA un-balanced, 2.0V RMS. 2 x XLR balanced output, 4.0V RMS
AUDIO BUFFERING Op-amp audio buffering and filtering
POWER SUPPLY 25 Watt toroidal mains transformer with 3 separate secondary voltage windings, with multi-cap power supply decoupling and multiple ultra-low noise discrete power supply voltage regulators.
RC BUS Input/output connection for external IR remote and serial link to Evolution 50A.
DAC TYPE 2 x Wolfson WM8742, 24 Bit 192 kHz, double differential.
INPUT RECEIVER WM8805, multichannel digital input receiver.
OPERATING VOLTAGES 100 – 120V/ 200 – 240V, Switchable
POWER CONSUMPTION 20 Watts (at idle)
WEIGHT 5.5kg
DIMENSIONS W/H/D 430 x 60 x 280mm
FINISHES Silver or black engraved front panels