Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier

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Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier
Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier
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Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier
Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier


Evolution 100A Integrated Amplifier

This product is available in the following variations:

Black - £1,500.00
Silver - £1,500.00

  • Slimline High Quality Integrated Amplifier
  • 110W per channel power output
  • Five inputs, one with both XLR and RCA connections
  • Optional add-in phono stage
  • Optional add-in USB DAC or FM Tuner
  • 1/4” (6.35mm) headphone output
  • AV bypass mode for simple connection to an AV system

The Creek Evolution 100A is a modern looking amplifier with contemporary flexibility, classic first class sound quality and epic power. Housed in a slim case with engraved front panel, it’s finished in either black or silver brushed aluminium. It is user friendly with backlit push buttons and obvious volume control. For visual feedback it features an OLED white on black display with adjustable brightness levels that can be turned off when not required.

The EVOLUTION 100A uses a massive 360 Watt toroidal mains transformer with a separate winding for high and low current circuitry. Creek use parallel low impedance capacitors for very smooth power to produce a very powerful and accurate sound from a relatively small amplifier. The Power Amplifier is a Class G circuit especially for the Evolution 100A. It can produce high output current providing exceptional speed and control with nearly all loudspeakers. It runs normally at a lower voltage for power levels up to 25 Watts (8 Ohms). When required to produce more than 25 Watts, the amp automatically switches to a higher secondary voltage, to increase the output power capability to over 100 Watts (8 Ohms). This solution dramatically improves the amplifier’s thermal efficiency and helps to keep it slim and attractive.

The pre-amp provides high levels of flexibility and control. It has multiple input options, unbalanced or balanced inputs switched electronically and electronic Volume, Balance and Tone controls for the shortest possible signal path. For Vinyl fans, a Sequel MK3 Phono pre-amp can be fitted internally to input 1 to work with either Moving Magnet or Moving Coil cartridges.

In addition, input 5 is located on a removable module so it can be easily changed for a Creek Ruby USB DAC module or a Creek AMBIT FM Tuner module. When the AMBIT is fitted, it turns the amp into a Receiver. The display shows all the tuner functions and the front panel controls have dual functions. The Ruby DAC module will add 2 x SPDIF, 2 x TOSLINK, USB and Bluetooth in place of the fifth line input for digital sources upto 24bit and 192kHz. 

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Technical Specifications:

POWER OUTPUT >110 Watts into 8 Ohms
POWER OUTPUT >170 Watts into 4 Ohms
CONTINUOUS CURRENT >8.5 Amps (sine wave)
MAX CURRENT +/- 26 Amps, current burst into 0.5 Ohms
OUTPUT IMPEDANCE <0.05 Ohms – 20Hz to 20KHz
THD < 0.002%
SNR >102dB – Line Input
FREQUENCY RESPONSE 10Hz – 100KHz +/- 2dB Line
GAIN 33.3dB (x46) via power amp input
CROSSTALK -80dB at 1Khz
DC OFFEST < +/-10mV
PRE-AMP INPUTS 5x RCA unbalanced – 1x Balanced XLR
POWER-AMP INPUTS Input 3 & 4via RCA or XLR
OPTIONAL DAC RUBY DAC – USB,SPDIF,Toslink, Bluetooth & FM Tuner
HEADPHONE OUTPUT Dedicated low impedance amp (<50 Ohms)
IR BUS Powered output for IR repeater
CONSUMPTION (AT IDLE) <20 Watts (no standby)
500 Watts
DIMENSIONS 430x60x280mm W/H/D