Sigma AMP2 2 Channel Power Amplifier

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CLASSE SIGMA AMP2 CLSS D  - From Grahams Hi-Fi London
Sigma AMP2 2 Channel Power Amplifier
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CLASSE SIGMA AMP2 CLSS D  - From Grahams Hi-Fi London
Sigma AMP2 2 Channel Power Amplifier


Sigma AMP2 2 Channel Power Amplifier

  • 2 Channel Class D power amplifier
  • 200 watts per channel into 8Ω
  • Classé-designed switch mode power supply
  • Detailed and Powerful Sound
  • Compact Design

The Sigma AMP2 is a 200W/Ch stereo power amplifier utilising switching technology for both the power supply and amplification stage. It packs tremendous power and performance for a relatively low cost.

The Classé designed Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS) and Power Factor Correction (PFC) circuit, each operating at over 90% efficiency, provides a crystal clear reservoir of over 1kW of power. The control and extension that this amplifier provides allows for control of difficult speaker loads and this can be accredited to the sophisticated power supply. 

The AMP2 uses a true digital architecture, taking advantage of DSP to solve an issue called dead-band-time, the greatest source of distortion in otherwise well-designed class D amplifiers. In this design it is less than three nanoseconds. With inherently low distortion, the Sigma series amplifiers use only a small level of overall negative feedback with seriously low distortion. All this means we have an amplifier with a neutral and open upper midrange and high-frequency performance that is clutter free and expressive.

The AMP2 has a very clean and classy look with the glossy black centre panel. On the back it has both XLR and RCA inputs. 

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Technical Specifications:

Frequency response

10Hz – 20kHz, -1dB into 4Ω

Output power

200W rms into 8Ω, 400W rms into 4Ω

Harmonic Distortion

<0.018% @ 1kHz Balanced Input

Peak Output Voltage

113V peak to peak, 40V RMS no load
113V peak to peak, 40V RMS into 8Ω

Input Impedance

100kΩ Balanced / 50kΩ SE

Voltage gain

29 dB

Input level at clipping

1.4Vrms Balanced/SE

Signal to Noise Ratio

-100 dB at peak output into 8Ω (AES17)

Rated power

177W @ 1/8th power into 4Ω

Mains voltage

100V - 240V, 50/60Hz

Overall Dimensions

Width: 17.00 (433mm)
Depth (excluding connectors): 14.57 (370mm)
Height: 3.75 (95mm)

Net weight

22.0 lb (9.97 kg)

Shipping weight

28.0 lb (12.70 kg)