Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier

Integrated Amplifiers by Classé
Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier
Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier
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Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier
Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier


Sigma 2200i - Integrated Amplifier

  • Integrated Class-D Amplifier and DAC
  • 4 HDMI Inputs
  • USB up to 24bit/192kHz
  • Network streaming up to 24bit/192kHz
  • Direct Digital connection from Pre-amp to Power amp
  • Output Power 2 x 200 Watts into 8Ω

The Classé Sigma 2200i is an integrated amplifier with a difference. Its all digital design is not something one might typically associate with high fidelity audio but this is one of the finest amplifiers in its class and a fine demonstration of what can be achieved with precision engineering of digital audio systems. In effect, there is no DAC in this product, all audio signals are digital into the Class-D power amplifier. This achieves a super clean audio path. 

That Class-D power amp is the very same as from the superb Classé CA-D200 and Sigma AMP2. It is powerful and yet refined. Its innovative design removes the need for excessive feedback and filtering required of typical class D designs by addressing the sources of distortion with profound effect. This amp is musical, powerful and subtle - none of which you would expect from Class-D topology.

The pre-amp section of the 2200i features connectivity and circuit blocks found in delta series CP-800 and Sigma SSP with an equal level of performance. This includes balanced (XLR) and single ended (RCA) analogue inputs but also includes features like USB and Network streaming, HDMI 2.0 switching and bass management to accommodate the evolving needs of a modern hi-fi system. Simply add speakers and you have yourself a fine music system with all the features you could ever need. 

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Technical Specifications:

Frequency response

10Hz – 20kHz, -1dB into 4Ω

Output power

200W into 8Ω or 400W into 4Ω per channel

Harmonic Distortion

<0.018% @ 1kHz Both channels driven to 1/8th power into 4Ω

Peak Output Voltage

113V peak to peak, 40V RMS no load

Input Impedance

100kΩ Balanced / 50kΩ SE

Input level at clipping

2 Vrms SE / 4 Vrms Balanced

Signal to Noise Ratio

-100 dB at peak output into 8Ω (AES17)

Rated power


Mains voltage

90V - 264V, 50/60Hz

Overall Dimensions

Width: 17.00 (433mm)
Depth (excluding connectors): 14.57 (370mm)
Height: 5.50* (140mm)

Net weight

26.7 lb (12.11 kg)

Shipping weight

34.3 lb (15.57 kg)