C-Series - USB

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C-Series - USB


C-Series - USB

This product is available in the following variations:

0.75 - £50.00
1.5M - £60.00
3M - £70.00
5M - £80.00

  • USB Type A to Type B
  • Oxygen Free Silver Plated Conductors
  • Gold Plated Plugs

The high performance silver plated conductors has been designed for all USB audio cables and has been optimised for carrying a digital audio signal. The USB  uses very effective shielding and are available in a range of different lengths. 

Hooking up a computer to a DAC is becoming more popular way to play music and there are many products out there for doing this. There are also a lot of DAC's being used to primarily connect to a CD player with USB inputs. When comparing different USB cables is like comparing any other audio cables, the differences are very easy to hear. Just pick a piece of music that you know well and listen to a standard USB cable then switch it to a C-USB and hear the difference.