C-Series - RCA Interconnect

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C-Series - RCA Interconnect


C-Series - RCA Interconnect

This product is available in the following variations:

0.5M - £35.00
1M - £45.00

  • ARAY Conductor Geometry
  • Unique RCA Plugs
  • Award Wining Interconnect

The Chord C-Series utilises the techniques developed for there high performance cables but applies them in a way that allows us to offer high levels of musical performance at a more modest budget. With the gold plated RCA plugs it improves signal transfer across audio frequencies and is designed to work with all line level components. 

One of the great thing about the c-series RCA interconnect is that the cables were developed with a low cost in mind. With a need for a high performance that carries a musical signal with a real sense of coherence.