DB3D Subwoofer

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DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer
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DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer
DB3D Subwoofer


DB3D Subwoofer

This product is available in the following variations:

Black - £1,950.00
Rosenut - £1,950.00
White - £1,950.00

  • Compact Reference Subwoofer
  • Dual 8 Inch Aerofoil Drive Units
  • Balanced Driver Configuration
  • 1000watt Class D Amplifier
  • Dedicated Setup App

When you demand faultless bass, but floor space is at a premium then the DB3D is perfect for you. The DB3D is a high-performance subwoofer capable of delivering space defying low end extension to your audio system. The DB3D has many technologies implemented within it that allows it to achieve such great bass.

It uses Aerofoil cones identical to those found in the flagship B&W 802 D3. These two 8-inch cones are light and ultra-stiff, and can resist bending and flexing far longer than conventional cones, delivering controlled bass with outstanding precision. The DB3D uses two of these bass cones arranged in an opposed, balanced configuration that greatly reduces cabinet vibration and ensures a cleaner, more precise sound. This results in minimal vibration and resonance for the cleanest, colour-free bass output.

The 1kw Class D amplifier is matched perfectly to the drive units and offers effortless drive and what seems like endless power. Thanks to an all-new digital pre-amplifier, the DB3D subwoofer’s awesome power is always delivered at optimum levels. Bespoke features such as Dynamic EQ and Room EQ ensure precision performance in every circumstance – such as home cinema, custom installation or two-channel Hi-Fi.

App-based set-up means the DB3D is simple to configure and use. The App includes positioning guides and can be used to set up and control both output and audio preset modes. A Room EQ system allows you to optimise the subwoofer’s performance for your room automatically. No separate microphone kit is required and the App is available for iOS and Android.

The DB3D is the obvious partner for a system built using the award-winning B&W 800 Series Diamond. It has been engineered with this in mind, and uses the same Aerofoil bass drivers. However, this incredibly capable subwoofer also works exceptionally well with a B&W CM Series system, and any other speaker system for that matter.


Amplifier 1000w Class D Hypex Amplifier
Digital Pre-amplifier with Dynamic EQ
Drive Units 2 x 200mm (8in) Aerofoil-cone drive units in a balanced configure
Frequency Range (-6dB) 8.5 Hz - 500 Hz
Frequency Response -3dB 10 Hz - 350 Hz
Audio Input 2 x XLR, 2 x RCA
Weight 25Kg
Height 330mm
Width 320mm
Depth 300mm