LCD-3 Open Headphones

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AUDEZE LCD-3 Open Headphones - Grahams Hi-Fi


LCD-3 Open Headphones

The LCD-3 is the flagship headphone of the AUDEZE collection. It delivers the highest resolution music experience of all headphones in the AUDEZE collection. 

We like them because they provide a powerful sound, whilst still maintaining comfort and perfect fit. 

Technical Specifications:

Style Open circumaural 
Transducer type Planar magnetic
Magnetic structure Proprietary push-pull design
Magnet type Neodymium
Transducer size 106 mm
Maximum power handling 15W (for 200ms)
Sound pressure level >130dB with 15W
Frequency response 5Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz
Total harmonic distortion <1% through entire frequency range
Impedance 110 ohms
Efficiency 102dB / 1mW
Optimal power requirement 1 – 4W