Media Core 200 Network Music Player

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Media Core 200 Network Music Player

The award-winning Meridian Media Core 200 is a compact and elegant streaming solution that requires only your choice of controller to bring it to life. It includes storage for around 2000 CD albums in full lossless quality, via an internal 1TB drive

Extremely easy to connect and set up, it is also virtually silent in use. Simply choose which controller you wish to use – the free iPad or iPhone app, music streaming controller, or your computer. Featuring the full suite of Meridian’s world-leading audio enhancement DSP technology, it is a finely wrought blend of high-level engineering and sublime musical performance.

The design of Media Core 200 is cleverly based around a vertical mounting that does not need a fan – employing only convection cooling – so it runs virtually silent. This means it can be placed anywhere, including within your listening area, without affecting your enjoyment of the music. All the complexity is kept strictly ‘under the bonnet,’ so setting it up is very simple, and is little more than ‘plug and play.’ Just add your choice of controller-iPad, iPhone, computer, or other Meridian controller, for a complete streaming solution.

Just add your choice of controller – iPad, iPhone, computer or other Meridian controller

Connect Media Core 200 to the Internet to manage and enjoy streamed audio services
Import your existing digital music library, for example from iTunes®, using free Meridian software tools
Full integration with Meridian audio systems. Can also be networked to any other Meridian streaming product, adding extra storage or zones

Consistent home friendly design, including recessed rear panel that hides cable entry