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Clearway - Speaker Cable

This product is available in the following variations:

1M - £10.00
2M - £40.00
3M - £60.00
4M - £80.00
5M - £100.00

  • Oxygen Free Copper conductor
  • Low Cable Colouration
  • High Frequency Shielding
  • High Performance

The Clearway cable is an award-winning cable that belongs to the Clearway range. With the advance Tuned ARAY design it gives you optimum performance and compatibility across a wide range of audio systems. What makes the clearway so great is that you get to hear your speakers and system and not the speaker cable. The Clearway speaker cable uses FEP for insulation which is very similar to PTFE. This is because the insulation has a profound effect on the ultimate performance of the speaker cable. The FEP contributed to the neutrality of the clearway speaker cable whereas, other types of insulation will often produce unwanted tonal colouration. The clearway can really transform the performance of your system particularly when it comes to coherence and timing.